Black Jack

Although there is much debate in respect of where this game originated, we can safely deduce that it too has French beginnings, as it is an adaptation of the French game “vingt-et-Un” (21). This game is arguably the most skillful and fascinating of all casino games, and has continued to perplex players through the ages.  A contest between the dealer and the players, the object of this game is to build your hand as close possible to 21 (but not above). Getting closer to 21 than the dealer, means you’ve won the hand. 

The appeal of this game is the ability to “team up” or play alone against the house, with options to double up, split cards, take insurance or side bet on card combinations.  The game is even paced and requires focus, and players can push the odds by opting to play more than one box at a time.  Perhaps lady luck will smile upon you and you will be dealt the ultimate winner “a black jack”